I see you. I feel you. I know you. And you are my favorite.

I know you think I am crazy because those are all some pretty bold statements for strangers but let me tell you, I get it! I know what it is like to blog, dream, make, create, and want to share those gifts with others. I did not wake up one day with the influence I have today. It was a journey - a wonderful long journey filled with highs and lows and I would not trade it for the world.

Do you want to know what makes the difference? Community. People do. It makes sense really, you want to reach other people (that is why you clicked on ADVERTISE) and part of that is interacting with them, being with them, going where they go, and saying hello.

You are my favorite because I know your heart and you will blog or make or create or dream even if no one knows, reads, or watches. But I want something more for you. I want to share your dreams with the world. I want to walk with you as others have walked with me.

I want to invite you to be part of this community.

Today you are reading Oak + Oats with around four thousand other sets of eyes. Those page views are real people, with real computers, smart phones, and tablets who are checking in on the Oak + Oats community. They love discovering new small businesses to support, new blogs to read, and new
things to try.

You know me, I am Elizabeth and I post too much on instagram, wear too much GAP clothing, and spend too much money on cute stationery! I love people, I love community, and I love creating an authentic place here on the internet.

I am no expert but I have learned by experience! I may be just a bit farther down this road than you and I want to walk with you - because it is all about people, remember? It may seem overwhelming and hard to do it on your own but we have each other!

Find your place below!

Collaboration Opportunities for Small Business & Brands
In addition to sidebar advertising on Oak + Oats, there are several ways to get your brand and shop in front of new eyes in a unique and organic way. After working with a variety of brands overtime, we have found that the best way to spread excitement and products is by organic and personal interaction. Below there are six packages Oak + Oats offers to work with you to promote your brand. We will work with you to find the best package and promotion for your brand.

Interested? Email us at with the package option in the header or click on the highlighted title to purchase desired package!

Do you have a product you think we would love and use if we knew about it? If your budget is little to none, this is the package for you! Products can be sent to be potentially included in a blog post on Oak + Oats including but not limited to style posts, recipe posts, home tours, and DIY posts. Your product will not be highlighted or featured but will show up on the blog and include a link to your website. All products will be approved to ensure we only work with products that we actually love and fit within the brand.

Have your shop or blog highlighted on Pinterest! Within 2 weeks of purchasing & approving this package, I will spend some time on your website pinning my favorite 10 images/ products to my Pinterest boards. I will use proper hashtags, tagging, and key words to make sure to get your products out there in front of 2600+ followers.

Have your product/brand beautifully featured on Instagram! Within 2 weeks of receiving your product, I will creatively photograph and share your product organically on my Instagram. I will use the proper hashtags, tagging, and a fun description to point followers your way! You have the opportunity to get your product in front of 3150+ new eyes!

Giveaways are hosted on Oak + Oats no more than once a week. When you sign up for a giveaway spot, you will be assigned the soonest Friday available. Oak + Oats will then be all about YOU for a whole day! We love promoting things that fit with the Oak + Oats brand, small businesses, creative minds, talented dreamers, and all things lovely. Once we receive your product, we will create an organic and honest post with original images and photography. With this space you receive a review & giveaway post, social media promotion on the giveaway, and your product in front of new eyes.

To take full advantage of the reach of Oak + Oats, we have created a package that does it all. This package includes your product/brand highlighted organically in a related post on Oak + Oats - ex. style posts, healthy living, house projects, beauty, or DIY. We will included a blurb about you and your business at the bottom of the post and include ways that our readers can reach you on various social medias. Additional promotion on the main social media outlets, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

TriStyle & Co is a collaboration between Elizabeth of Oak + Oats, Megs of Rivers & Roads, and Samantha of Elah Tree. Each month TriStyle & Co. works to highlight a styled product to three different unique blog audiences and encourages readership engagement in the product. Spaces are limited to one a month and will be promoted on three distinct audiences and social media platforms. Space also includes a one-month sidebar ad during the month of the TriStyle & CO collaboration.

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing packages are subject to change as readership grows. Never hesitate to email me with any questions or comments - I love hearing from you!!! 

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